Mission & Vision


We promise to create an atmosphere in which the youths will not only seek self-subsistence, but develop an unfathomable craze for innovative knowledge and moral strength as taught by Gandhiji in his eleven cardinal principles. Consequently it will be expected that they will develop an unstinted love for society, environment and universal brotherhood as proclaimed by Swami Vivekananda in 1893.


  • ­ Building youth minds to encounter the forthcoming unseen challenges.
  • ­ Strengthening women for an independent standing and social change.
  • ­ Lifting the unprivileged to limelight.
  • ­ Promoting critical investigation for furthering knowledge.
  • ­ Inspiring collegians to study Science and Technology towards the well being of the mankind.
  • ­ Infusing morality and ethical values in them.
  • ­ Instilling a sense of devotion to elders, love for youngsters with discipline.
  • ­ Creating a sense of sacrifice for one’s motherland.